Hold a 'Mustache Monday' at Your School!

Are you hankerin' to protect these adorable critters from wretched evildoers?

We have the perfect way for you to help stop the killing of animals for their skins and have some fun while you're at it—hold a Mustache Monday at your school! Here's how to make it happen:

  • Pick a date to hold your Mustache Monday.
  • Bring a camera with you to school and get a huge group of friends together for a photo (maybe there's a nice teacher who will even let you use class time to snap a quick pic for such an important cause!).
  • Give everyone a pen to create a DIY mustache (if some whiskery friends or teachers already have 'staches, get them in the pic too!).
  • Make sure that one person is holding this sign so that everyone will know why the heck you're sportin' 'staches (other than the fact that they're awesome!).
  • Snap that photo! Be sure to give a leaflet to everyone in the photo so that they'll know why the fur industry is so effed up.
  • Wear your mustaches around school for the rest of the day (or as long as they'll let you!). When people ask, "What's up with the lip beard?" be sure to tell them that you'd rather wear your own fur than a dead animal's!

E-mail your photo to [email protected], and we'll give you 2,000 Street Team points! (We'll also be sure to add it to our Facebook and Flickr pages.) Not a member of the Street Team? Get on that!