There are several different ways in which your school might order its food—luckily, we know them all! They include the following:

  • If your school orders from a major distributor, check out the list of distributors.


    • Aramark

      A popular distributor with many vegetarian items

    • Sysco Foods

      Offers the largest all-vegetarian line, called MoonRose

    • United Natural Foods

      Distributor of natural and vegetarian food products

  • If your school makes its own food (lucky you!), all you need to do is chat it up with your nutrition or dining-services director and ask him or her to provide students with a vegan burger. There are tons of recipes online and otherwise available to schools—but if you need one, e-mail us!

  • If your school picks and chooses from different manufacturers, check out the list of manufacturers that provide vegan food.


    • Sol Cuisine

      Offers veggie burgers, meatless chicken, veggie dogs, falafel, veggie crumbles, and more.

    • Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM)

      Offers an all-vegetarian line called Soy 7, including vegan meatballs, pepperoni, burger crumbles, and faux sausage.

    • Carla's Pasta

      Offers vegan ravioli and tortellini

    • Daiya Foods

      Daiya Foods has nondairy cheese. It's great on pizza, sandwiches, and lots more.

    • Fabe's All Natural Bakery

      Offers vegan baked goods, including brownies and cookies

    • Follow Your Heart

      Offers nondairy cheeses, Vegenaise, and soy chicken

    • Galaxy Nutritional Foods

      Offers soy cheese

    • Gardein

      Offers many varieties of soy chicken and soy beef products

    • Gardenburger

      Offers a wide selection of meatless burgers, cutlets, riblets, and breakfast sausage

    • Turtle Island Foods

      Offers vegan deli slices, Tofurky roast, vegan gravy, kielbasa, and brats

    • VeggieLand

      Offers meatless burgers, patties, and nuggets

    • WhiteWave

      Soy milk, tofu, tempeh, and seitan

    • YoCream

      Vegan soft serve

Be sure to find out how your school orders food and take these resources with you when you meet with school officials. Easy, right?