Earth Crisis Sheds Light on Animal Testing

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The hardcore pioneers of Earth Crisis have formed a band that has shaped a genre and influenced hundreds of other bands. Throughout the course of their 20-year career, the members' convictions have never wavered, with social change, veganism, and a drug-free lifestyle at the heart of their songs. As a longtime vegan and animal rights activist, guitarist Scott Crouse was appalled—but not surprised—at the tobacco industry's shameful secret: the continued testing of cigarettes on animals.

No federal law requires companies to test personal-care items, such as shampoo and cosmetics, on animals. The same thing holds true for the products of tobacco companies, yet every year in the United States, tobacco companies use huge numbers of animals in unnecessary tests. Despite the fact that testing tobacco on animals has been banned in six countries, including Germany, Belgium, and the U.K., thousands of animals suffer and die in the U.S. after being forced to inhale cigarette smoke or having tar spread on their skin. The mice and rats most commonly used in these tests are highly intelligent mammals who have the same capacity to feel pain and fear as we do. They do not deserve to be used and discarded as if they were nothing more than laboratory supplies.

After you learn about the plight of animals in labs, it's impossible not to be outraged. Crouse told peta2 that after watching a video with undercover video footage of animals in laboratories, he was "disgusted" and that "those images are what have carried me on as a vegan and as somebody who doesn't support animal testing throughout my life."

Every time you purchase a product, you're telling the company that manufactured it that you approve of what it is selling and how the product was tested. Stand your ground and let tobacco companies—and all companies that continue to test their products on animals—know that cruelty is unacceptable.

Humans choose to smoke, but animals don't. Click on the pledge button below to ask the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to take action and ban tobacco tests on animals!

Ask the FDA to Ban Cigarette Tests on Animals!
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