Celebrity 'Ink, Not Mink' Ads

What do the SuicideGirls, Carey Hart, Ami James, and Steve-O all have in common? They've bared their skin for our "Ink, Not Mink" ads—to save animals' skins, of course!

All of these compassionate celebs have spoken out against the cruel fur industry—what made them want to star in our "Ink, Not Mink" ads?

Fur is one issue that Carey Hart, like most intelligent and compassionate people, is strongly opposed to. "It's just ridiculous—you know, it's like you're gonna destroy animals so that you can look cool in a nightclub or you can look cool walking down the street in New York," explains Hart. "I don't get behind that. I think it's very petty and very shallow. And then once I saw the investigations and the actual process, it just disgusted me."

In true Steve-O style, Steve-O had this tip for all of you: "Abuse yourself all you want, just leave animals out of it. Don't wear fur."

What about the ladies? SG co-founder Missy Suicide told peta2, "I'm very anti-fur …. I think that it's just a crime to kill an innocent animal so that you can wear a pelt on your back!" Nothing is hotter than compassion!

Now you can hear what some of the celebs have to say in this exclusive "Ink, Not Mink" b-roll video from behind the scenes of some of our most eye-catching ads!