So you've made the awesome decision to stop eating animals, and you're feeling good. But every day at school when you hit the lunch line, all you find is the same old soggy salad and French fries. And it's just not fair.

peta2's got your back! The Veggie Burger Project is a campaign to get a veggie burger in every school cafeteria in order to make a vegetarian or vegan diet accessible to everyone.

Getting a delish vegan option has never been easier!

I Want a Veggie Burger!
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Ready to take action? Start Here!

Want to get a veggie burger in your school?


It's often as easy as chatting it up with your principal or lunch room staff. Just politely tell them why you'd like to have a veggie burger in the cafeteria.


No worries, you can still get a veggie burger.

Check out these resources to let your school know that the veggie burger is in serious demand.


Grab petition sheets here and ask your classmates and friends to support the veggie burger campaign!


Take your petitions, along with this sample letter, to your principal and explain that you have support and resources that he or she can use to get a veggie burger added to your cafeteria menu. Remember: Be polite!


Ask your parents to talk to school officials with you and urge them to add a veggie burger to the menu. All students deserve a healthy lunch—right?



Don’t worry, peta2's got your back!

Call in peta2 for help by clicking here!

Together we’ll get veggie burgers for all!