The True Lives of Animals

So much of the abuse that happens to animals seems straight out of a nightmare, but it's painfully real. Take a look behind the scenes, share the truth with friends, and pledge to try a cruelty-free vegan lifestyle today!

Baby seals are beaten to death and skinned for their fur in front of their moms.

Baby elephants are tied up and electro-shocked by circus trainers.

Male chicks in the egg industry are ground up while still alive.

Fully conscious ducks have their feathers ripped out to make down pillows.

Ducks are force-fed with metal pipes so that people can eat their enormous fatty livers.

Pigs have their balls crushed without any painkillers on factory farms.

Some animals stay alive for up to 10 minutes after being skinned for their fur.

Rabbits have capsules full of ticks attached to their skin.

In experiments, monkeys have been forced to inhale smoke for hours.